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Showcase Audio Visual offers equipment rental/ technical services to meeting planners and associations traveling to South Florida and The Caribbean.

With 25 years experience working in the Industry, Showcase Audiovisual is able to offer competitive pricing while providing exceptional customer support. Handling the audiovisual portion of any meeting/event can be a nerve racking experience and we pride ourselves on our many years of experience that we bring to an event.

Our knowledge and understanding extends to the Caribbean which provides value when considering local suppliers. From Trinidad and Tobago to Bermuda, Showcase Audiovisual has worked alongside a network of local vendors getting the best pricing, equipment and labor, allowing the client to concentrate on their event and not the technical aspects that happen in the background.

We are interested in providing an alternative quote for your upcoming event in South Florida and the Caribbean. Chances are we know or have worked in the property you have chosen for your event. We are happy to provide references upon request from the various local suppliers and production companies that have partnered with Showcase Audiovisual.

For more information, please visit my LinkedIn.
Hoping your group has a productive and joyful stay.


José Rafael Berrios
Director of Operations

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